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Instructions for Contributors


1) The submission of a written article to Comercio Exterior presupposes the obligation of the author to refrain from simultaneously submitting the same article for consideration by any other Spanish-language publication. In addition, the authors grant the magazine automatic permission for their work to be circulated in anthologies and magnetic and photographic media.

2) All articles should refer to economics or to matters of general interest related to social sciences and will be subject to the Editorial Committeýs decision. Contributions pertaining to other disciplines are welcome as long as they relate to the aforementioned subject areas.

3) Contributions must conform to the following guidelines; if they do not they will not be considered for publication.

a) Include the following information: i) Title of the work, preferably brief, but without undermining clarity. ii) A summary of its contents in both English and Spanish, ranging about 40-80 words. iii) Authorýs name and nationality, including a brief academic and professional resumé. iv) Address, telephone, fax and other information to enable Comercio Exterior to easily contact the author. In addition, if available, please supply e-mail address.

b) Submit in print format original articles plus one copy (including text, figures, graphs and any other supporting materials) printed only on one side of standard letter-size (11" x 8 1/2") paper, double spaced and without dividing any words. Tables with three or more columns, as well as graphs, figures and diagrams, must be submitted each on a separate page and attached together at the end of the article with a notation in the text indicating where they should be inserted. Originals must be perfectly clear and precise (do not submit any photocopied reductions).

c) Contributions should not exceed 30 pages (52,000 characters).

d) Contributions must be accompanied by a diskette containing all text files in Word for Windows, in addition to the tables and line graphs with their corresponding annotations in Excel for Windows. The title of each file should be indicated on the cover (a separate file is required for each table or graph).

e) List bibliographic references in the customary Spanish-language style, that is, in the body of the text they should be indicated by number, with the complete corresponding bibliographic data at the bottom of each page (or grouped together at the end of the document). Additional bibliography should be presented, unnumbered, at the end of the article.

f) The information pertaining to each bibliographic reference should be presented in the following manner: i) Name and surname of the author; ii) title of the article (in inverted commas) and name of the journal or book where it appeared (in italics or underlined); iii) publisher; iv) city; v) copyright year of the book, or date, number and volume of the journal; vi) number of pages or page reference number(s).


Mateo Magariños, Diálogos con Raúl Prebisch, Banco Nacional de Comercio Exterior-Fondo de Cultura Económica, Mexico, 1991, 260 pages.

Eduardo S. Bustelo and Ernesto A. Isuani, "El ajuste en su laberinto: fondos sociales y política social an América Latina", Comercio Exterior, Vol. 42, Num. 5, Mexico, May 1992, pp. 428-432.

Rodrigo Gómez, "El fomento del intercambio comercial en la ALALC: un paso hacia el mercado común latinoamericano" in Medio siglo de financiamiento y promoción del comercio exterior de México, Vol. II: Ensayos conmemorativos, Banco Nacional de Comercio Exterior-El Colegio de México, Mexico, 1987, pp. 61-69.

g) Figures and graphs should be self-explanatory (with no need to referring to the text for their comprehension), should not include abbreviations, should indicate units of measure, and should include all corresponding footnotes and sources.

h) The full explanation of all initials used in the text, as well as those used in the bibliography, figures, and graphs, should be provided at the time of their first usage.

i) Contributions in other languages will be accepted, preferably those in English, French, Portuguese or Italian. If a translation in Spanish is submitted, it must be accompanied by a copy of the text in its original language.

4) Comercio Exterior reserves the right to make any editorial changes it considers pertinent. Originals will not be returned.

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